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Love – The Miracle of Christmas

The rituals of Advent candles, ornaments that tell the story of Christmas, nightly prayers. None of those things were mine as a kid. I heard the story of Christmas, but the miracle of Christmas was that Santa could get into my house without a chimney. When our oldest was six, he asked me if Santa was real. He was sitting on my lap, a sweet little kindergartener. My husband called from the other room, “We use true words in this house.” “Santa isn’t real, but you can’t tell your friends.… Read more Love – The Miracle of Christmas

A Confession – Longing for Joy.

I wish I had a glorious word on joy. Instead I have a confession. My joy has been complete. I have sung in joy for what the Lord has done. I will gather with others and do this today. I will sing songs of our salvation and His promise to be with us even now, and in that moment, I will know the joy of my salvation. But this Advent, day to day, joy has weighed heavy before me. Each night we sing our Advent family song, “O Come, O… Read more A Confession – Longing for Joy.

A Declaration of Peace

Songs influence us in powerful ways. Some get stuck in our heads. Others capture our hearts and shape us forever. When I was a freshman in college my grandmother passed away. At her memorial service, we sang “It is Well with My Soul.” I had always loved that song, but in that moment, the words brought peace to my grieving soul. Years later, I heard the third verse for the first time.  I found a new freedom in life from the “sin that binds.” When my first-born cried unable to… Read more A Declaration of Peace


Expecting carries with it hope for something and often in someone. A better marriage. Kids who thrive in the face of obstacles like dyslexia. Enough income. A clear cancer screen. Hope for something is rarely fulfilled. Our expectations and reality just don’t seem to ever perfectly align. Hope in someone can leave us disillusioned. They didn’t do what we expected them to do. Hope mocks us when we hope for something and in someone. We become tempted to cease expecting. “We had hoped He was the one,” they muttered as… Read more Hope.


I am expecting. It brings hope and fear. The what- ifs run rampant from the beautiful to the horrifying. There is peace and angst. Peace that comes to fill our souls. Angst that tempts the soul to fear once again. I am expecting what has not yet been, what has been promised. Joy rises to overflowing. Heart-ache stands ready until all is secure. But love. Love shrouds over the fear, the angst, the heart-ache on the ready. Love stands with hope, peace, and joy. I am expecting. Mary and Joseph… Read more Expecting