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While you wait, “Ask Ellen.”

“Ask Ellen” is your chance to ask a parenting question you need help with. I don’t do discipline. I do conversations.

“Ellen Martin has a great way of entering into the mindset of children and using language they understand. She encourages parents, grandparents, and other adults to think about life topics through a child’s eyes and language. The way she has conversations with kids can help us all.” – K. Moore, Children’s Pastor

EXAMPLES from questions I’ve helped others with over the years.

How do you explain to a five-year-old cancer in way that makes sense?

What if your kid walks in on you in bed?

My son asked me what F##K means. What do I say?

“Mom, why do some people have babies when they aren’t married?”

“Why did you kill Jesus? Why did you do that to him?”

If you ask me a question I can’t answer, I won’t. No one can answer everything. Please know that is me respecting you not ignoring you. BUT when I can answer your question, and I have answered more over the years than not, I will share my answer here as a podcast. It’ll be like a conversation.

If you want help with conversation with kids in general, check out my book A Life Shared: Meaningful Conversation with KidsBook. To order your copy, click HERE. It’s on Amazon too, if you want to “look inside.”

One last thing, please include the age of the child/ren and any other key details. Thanks!